CLAUDIO TORCIGLIANI: "The gaze of an Italian towards a Majorca that moves away....".

Claudio Torcigliani, (Naples, Italy, 1954) is an artist who discovered his passion for drawing and painting at a very young age, but due to a complicated family situation he was forced to postpone this passion for which he had shown his enormous talent until 1979.

In 1981, he decided to leave Italy, his native country, and travel to France, to start his studies at the «École Superieur de Beaux Arts» in Paris, where he studied for four years.

Later, in 1985, he traveled to Holland, where he fell in love with the great Dutch masters, who undoubtedly influenced his painting from the very beginning in a definitive way.
After a very long career in different European cities, he finally decided to settle in Mallorca in 1988, specifically in the town of Valldemossa.

His painting reflects the influences of the great Dutch and Italian masters, offering his personal vision in each of his works. He captures the luminosity and the essence of the island’s landscapes at every moment, using the academicism that he had gradually acquired over the years.

During his broad artistic career, he has developed all types of pictorial varieties: from portraits, nudes, seascapes, still lifes to landscapes, but always with a perfect execution in each and every one of the different techniques of painting.

It is for all these reasons that we can say without a doubt that we are before an artist who is both classical and contemporary, with an absolute training at the service of a highly dazzling sensibility in each of his works.

Joan Coll Colom, art specialist
JustArt Gallery – Valldemossa