Club Pollença

Club Pollença is an organisation founded in 1910, originally the Club was a cycling Club known as ”Club Ciclista Pollensín” Over the years its commitment has been to art, and cultural events. The original founders of The Club Pollença include well-known artists such as Montenegro, Boveri, Cittadini, Anglada Camarassa, and Guillem Bestard. The first painting donated to The Club Pollensa was by Atilio Boveri in 1914, and later other artists began to donate their paintings, including Llinàs, Montenegro, Cittadini, Dionís Bennassar, Cerdà. 

Many artists have continued to donate their work to Club Pollença over the years and it now hosts a very important art collection, displayed in the rooms  and corridors throughout the building.

It is important to remember that the beginnings of what would later become the” Certamen Internacional de Pintura de Pollença”  – Pollença International Painting Contest, began at The Club Pollença in the early 60’s, in fact the Club was a part of 3 organisations including the Pollença town hall and the bank Caixa Sa Nostra, which awarded the annual winners.

Following this there were more significant donations to The Club’s art collection, which spans from the beginning of the twentieth century, with many paintings by local artists to the present day. For these reasons we would be delighted to be able to show part of our art collection in a virtual exhibition, thanks to Kairoi-art, to share these paintings and the artists who have left an important foot print in the history of Pollença town.