Residing nearly fourty years in Mallorca island, the place where he has spent most of his life, where he established his strategic base to travel to each part of the world, and where the artist confirms to feel content and identified.

But his roots give rise to a story that begins in the town of Vélez Rubio in Almería in 1948.
He spent his childhood there, and from a very early age he started to perceive the beauty of colours of nature.
As in 1957 his family moved to Badalona, he experienced the transition from rural life to life in the city.
In 1961, at the age of 13, he had his first individual painting exhibition at the Municipal Museum of Badalona.
In 1964, he entered the School of Fine Arts (Llotja) in Barcelona, where he studied for five years.
In 1971 he fell in love with Ibiza for its colourful harmony, for the bucolic atmosphere, for the social contrast between the mixture of a rural society and that of the progressive visitors who made it an icon.
At the same time, he held exhibitions and travelled to Barcelona and to various Spanish cities.

In 1975 he exhibited in Luxembourg and enrolled at the Ecole International des Arts in that city. Where he studied the technique of Engraving and other Grafhic Arts.

In 1980, on the occasion of an exhibition at the Grife & Escoda Gallery in Palma de Mallorca, he visits the island for the first time, and the idea of establishing his permanent residence there is forged in his mind – until he finally decided to settle in Mallorca island in 1983.

Between the 1980s and 1990s he travelled extensively, also spending short and long time periods in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, France, Austria, etc.

An extensive bibliography, full of quotations, exhibitions, experiences, in which it is worth mentioning that he was involved together with eighty Spanish visual artists in the edition of the book: «Encuentro con el arte actual» (Encounter with today’s Contemporary Art) together with Miguel Barceló, Antonio López, Jorge Oteiza, Eduardo Chillida, Eduardo Naranjo, etc.

The work of Miguel Reche is abundant in
nuances, paintings elaborated with romanticism, impressionist proceedings in which the light enhances the virtuosity of the materia and the elements; the sobriety of his brushes reveals a skilful technique of resources.
Miguel is an evoker of everyday impressions, to which he applies his chromatic perception and over which he spreads a subtle veil of colourful transparencies.

During the pandemic, he published his first biographical book, entitled «Passion for Painting and Art», which covers the early years of his life.

This digital platform, created, produced and directed by Kairoi Art Digital Museum, in which temporarily all curated artists and those who will be incorporated, will be stepping in with their virtual exhibitions. As a member, the turn is now to Miguel Reche, who will be presenting during the following weeks an important part of a collection of his works from different decades, in this new platform that permits as a virtual showroom visualizing and getting to know personal and professional aspects of the artists who dedicated their life, work and inspiration with intensity, vocation and passion for the universe of the art.

Reche confesses that it is an honour to be part of this selection of artists born in or linked to the Balearic Islands, whom Kairoiart recognizes from its virtual publication space, with creators such as Joaquín Mir, Sorolla, Joan Vives Llull, Gaspar Riera, Bernadí Celià, José Roberto Torrent, Dionís Bennàssar, Mateu Llobera, Cittadini, Tarrassó and others.
Pedro de la Felipa, Ana Perelló, Mateu Sitges Febrer, Joan Bennàssar or Miguel Reche himself appear as permanent members in a carefully selected list of Kairoi Art – Museu de Pintura de les Illes Balears (Museum of Painting of the Balearic Islands).

Xisco Barceló
September 2022